The Region

Straiture Valley

Photo : View from our lodge bedrooms

The tallest Norway spruces in Europe grow in the Straiture Valley. The Straiture defile is a natural site in the Vosges department where the Ban-sur-Meurthe-Clefcy township is nestled. This Natura 2000 area is a well protected site where you can spend quality time in a peaceful environment.

The Glacière

The Glacière site (2km from our lodge):

The trail goes along the Petite Meurthe river and let you discover the flora from the Vosges mountains. At the beginning of the trail, you will find a granite scree that acts as a natural cooler. It is said that if you look closely, you can find ice underneath the granite stones, even in summer! This is an ideal place to picnic under the shades of the spruces as it stays cool in all seasons.


The woodland is now an essential asset of the Vosges community and has always been an integral part of its inhabitants’ life. The role it played over time has shifted from being a living space which supplied many natural resources to a relaxing place and touristic area for city dwellers.

Petite Meurthe

Wintertime near the Petite Meurthe River.

15.5 km long, this small river feeds the Souche fishing pond situated at 479 meters above sea level. This river originates in the Schlucht mountain pass and runs alongside the Straiture defile to feed the Meurthe River. This is a perfect spot for trout fishing (as long as you have a permit!)


Photo : Longemer Lake as seen from the Honeck :

Third highest mountain peak in the Vosges, the Honeck is 1,363 meters above the sea level and overlooks the ridgeline that separates the Alsace region from the Lorraine region. You will reach the Honeck after a 20-minute drive from our lodge and could even have the chance to see the Alps on clear days.


The Longemer Lake is one of the major destination for ecotourism in the Vosges department. The Xonrupt township is home to this famous mountain lake. Only 15 minute from our lodge, this spot offers you hiking trails, mini-golf and beach restaurants, as well as swimming areas, rowboats and other nautical activities.


In the heart of the Hautes-Vosges, at the crossroads between Lorraine and Alsace, the township of Gérardmer is settled in the midst of woodlands and mountains and is full of surprises!

During the winter, the ski areas welcome you in the heart of the Vosges. They offer 40 km of ski slopes as well as snowshoeing and cross country ski trails and hiking trails.

During the summer, the area is well-known for water sports, swimming and fishing.

La Bresse

Nestled in the centre of the Vosges, the little township of La Bresse is located in one of the most picturesque valleys and is ideal for families who want to enjoy days of skiing. During the summer, a host of activities are available like hiking, fishing or zip-line riding – a fun way to discover the township and the Vosges mountains. Thrills guaranteed!