The Vosges

The Vosges are located in the south of Lorraine, in a privileged position close to the countries bordering the east of France: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and only a few kilometres from Alsace.

The East

The Vosges Département is both rural and has an industrial history, and it has managed to retain a warm and friendly sense of hospitality. Walking is the main activity in the summer. On the many footpaths you will be surprised by the coolness of the forests, the charm of the lakes and the aridity of the stubble fields.


In the winter it is a paradise for skiers and snow lovers. There is a wide range of facilities, offering a choice between cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, snowshoeing or tobogganing.


Mountain-biking, paragliding, sailing, pony trekking, skiing, fitness training, boules, fishing, hunting, gastronomy, exploring, arts and crafts, visits, nature reserves, architectural heritage architectural, clear water… You will find the Vosges attractive in every way!

The Nature

The mountains are not harsh here. The peaks slope gently. Green forests, peat bogs dating from the glacial period, wild and rare flowers, elusive roe deer and chamois: the flora and fauna reveal themselves to those who show proper respect.


Gérardmer, Longemer, Retournemer, Blanchemer, Lac Blanc, Lac Noir, Lac Vert, Lac des Truites, Lac des Corbeaux, Lac de Pierre Percée (barrage), Lac de la Maix. All are different, you’re sure to find the perfect one!

Located in the heart of the Hautes Vosges region, deep in the countryside, our lodge is only a few minutes from shopping centres and major areas for country walks and places of interest. A 15-minute drive will get you to Gérardmer, a 20-minute drive to Alsace and a 10-minute drive to the ski resorts of Xonrupt and Gérardmer.

Our spacious lodge is located in a peaceful hamlet in the Haute-Meurthe county, in the Straiture Valley which is a Natura 2000 designed area. It offers 90 square meters of living space with traditional wood decorations as well as modern amenities. Located on the ground level of the owners’ house, it also has a separate entrance.

Les Vosges

Les Vosges, situées dans la partie sud de la région lorraine, occupent une place privilégiée, proche des pays limitrophes de l’est de la France: l’Allemagne, la Belgique, le Luxembourg et la Suisse. L’Alsace n’est qu’à quelques kilomètres seulement.


Département à la fois rural et autrefois industriel, les Vosges ont su garder un sens de l’accueil chaleureux et convivial. L’été, les randonneurs sont rois. Fraîcheur des sous-bois, charme des lacs, aridité des chaumes vous surprendront au détour de nombreux sentiers.